Your employee portal provides complete HR management

Employee portal

Advantages of the employee portal

The portal that tracks and manages the complete workflow for each of your employees in a simple and automatic way.

With the business portal, you will be able to automatically send and assign payslips and other documents to all your employees.

Documents portal with automatic assignation.


Any document and format

Upload certified payslips and other employee documents without limit of storage capacity.


Automatic assignation

Bilky's technology assigns each document to each employee automatically.


Share and receive securely

Send and receive your employees' documents in a certified and secure way.

Internal messaging

Tickets and communications allow you to notify your employees directly and with complete tracking.

Direct communication

Informational control

News sharing

Time management

Communicate directly with each employee's individual portal with the communication board.
Customize your business portal with the branding of your company. Offer your employees direct access to their own employee portal.

Your own corporate style

Configure your portal and your employees' with your customized corporate branding

Customized direct access

Modify logos, colors, and designs with your branding to better engage your employees.

Customized emails

Send fully customized emails with your branding and the text that better suits your interests.

ERP pesonalized

Create your own ERP and have all the data and information of your employees updated, allowing them to complete this information from their own portal. In addition to that you can share this information with you consultant

Custom settings

Interactive processes

Connected with your employee

Connected with your consultant

Communicate directly with each employee's individual portal with the communication board.
Track and manage working hours and vacation of your employees.

Vacation and time management

Complete management of vacation, absences, and sick leaves.


Vacation and absences

Complete management of vacation, absences, and sick leaves.


Work schedule management

Track working hours of your employees in real-time.

Companies that already have their employee portal

More than 200,000 consultants, businesses, and employees work daily with Bilky.

Flat fare without any long-term commitment

With Bilky you can choose the employee portal that better fits your company.

Employee plan
29,99 / Month


Up to 50 employees

Documents portal unlimited

Vacation and absences

Working hours and work schedule management

Internal messaging

Configure user roles


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