Personalize your ERP System to always have your employees information organized and effortlessly

Complete ERP

Access and keep all the data and information of your employees up to date. With features like enabling data editing, your employees will be able to fill in the fields and keep his information up to date. You can also import everything from excel.

With the consultant portal, you will have an more thanview of all your documents and payslips. Bilky offers you an more thanview of your documents and manages all payslips of your clients. Keep all data from your clients' documents in a single place and always available .

Easy & Effortless

Create boards in own click and add custom fields of all kinds: text, tables, dropdowns, questionnaires, etc. Share fields to update interactively or custom import and export all data from excel.

No facilities

Multiple devices

Updated information

Import & Export

Optimize resources by creating automatic processes, for example for employee onboarding


To save time with the actions that are recurring when requesting data from your employees, you can create automatic processes, such as onboarding. Automatically request data and information from each employee at the time you consider.

Updated information

Thanks to the configuration of each field or section, you can decide at any time what ERP information you want to share with each employee and what not. Thanks to the ERP you will be able to have the information of your employees always updated.

Onboarding employees

Participatory processes

Information Control

Always keep your employee files up-to-date, effortlessly. Enable when you want the worker to see and/or edit their data
Connect your advisor directly with the information of your employees, to streamline the processes of registrations, cancellations by IT, etc...

Connected with your consultant

Connect and send your advisor the information and data necessary to manage the processes of hiring, leaving, dismissals, etc. You will be able to communicate automatically and organized all the information to your consultancy

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