Share direct tickets with your companies from your consultant portal. It is the easiest and most secure way to communicate with them. ...
Thanks to the communication board, you will be able to share interesting information with your clients. ...

Communicate with your clients from a single place.

Use tickets and communications in your portal to contact your companies in a comfortable, secure, and reliable way.

Write valuable information that you want to share from your office. Keep your clients updated on the latest changes in policies and legislation.
The communication board can be used from any device: smartphone, tablet or computer. Edit in real-time the information shared in your communication board.

Communication panel

Create simple and professional notices to send to your companies. You can attach images and documents to your announcements. Use this tool to inform of new legislation or to share other relevant information with your clients.

Any communication with your clients is certified and it's recorded forever in your portal.

Internal messaging

Communicate reliably with each of your clients with internal messaging. Keep the record of the conversations and manage all the information.

And on top of that...

Unify all workflow with your clients in a single portal.


Stop worrying about clients claiming not being notified of a message.

Save time

Don't waste time looking for emails, messages, or contact details of each client.

Added value

Add value to your clients with a communication method that is secure and unique.

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