With automatic assignation, you will be able to send payslips to all your companies in a matter of seconds.

Documents portal with automatic assignation

With Bilky's technology, you can automatically assign thousands of payslips and other documents in a few seconds. All secure and easy.

Upload documents

Upload as many payslips and other documents from your companies as you need, no matter the amount or the order.

Assign documents automatically

Assign payslips or documents to each company with only one click.

Share documents

Share documents with each business portal in a matter of seconds.

With the consultant portal, you will have an more thanview of all your documents and payslips. Bilky offers you an more thanview of your documents and manages all payslips of your clients. Keep all data from your clients' documents in a single place and always available .

Advantages of using the documents portal

Manage all your clients' documents from a single platform and send or receive it automatically.

Save time

Avoid sanctions

Unlimited backup

Access your portal from anywhere

Save time

Don't waste time searching your email, your messaging apps, or your paper mail to send or receive payslips or documents.

Avoid sanctions

With automatic assignation of documents, you don't have to worry about mistakes in sending documents to your companies.

Unlimited backup

Doesn't matter how many documents you share or receive each month. The portal has unlimited storage capacity.

Access it anywhere

You and your clients can access all your documents securely from any place with an internet connection.

Thanks to you, your clients will also have access to the services of the documents portal.

Your clients have access to their own documents portal with all functionalities at no cost. They can share and receive documents with your consultant's office and their employees.

Documents portal with your consultant office

Documents portal with the employees

Automatic assignation of documents

Thanks to you, your clients have access to their own business documents portal with full functionality .

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