All HR management in your portal

Manage your employees' vacation and work hours automatically and in accordance with legislation

Track work schedules, vacation, sick leaves and absences from your business portal.

Unify your company's processes from your portal

Working hours management

Configure your company's work schedules for a complete work hours tracking from your portal.


Create different vacation and absence policies for your employees.


Your employees will be able to work remotely from anywhere.


Adapt the work schedules to the different locations of your company and your employees.

Public Holidays

Plan the public holidays and alternative work schedules for your company and employees.


Create fully professional presentations, stats and reports.

The portal that unifies Vacation and schedule managing to optimize your company's time

Manage work schedule and vacation for your company in a single platform. Forget about Excel tables, emails and messages. Centralize all RH management in a single portal accessible from anywhere.

No matter how big your company is

You can configure your company's structure in your portal to automatize processes, no matter the size of your business. Configure multiple departments, schedules, vacation policies, and many other features.

Get an accurate overview of your employees' performance.

Make everything easier. Digitalize your company's processes.

1 Vacation management

Receive and manage vacation applications in a centralized and organized way.

2 Work schedule management

Establish and modify your employees' work schedules.

3 Centralized tracking

Control rapidly all your company's activities from one single platform.

Your employees will summit vacation applications and view their working hours from their employee portal.

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